Two is better than One!

Six o’clock in the morning you jump out of bed pull on tour track suit and runners step outside into the cold air and start running to the gym where you train intensively for two hours…No wait, go back a little I hear you say six in the morning, is there such a time?

It takes a lot of motivation and tremendous goal setting to do this over and over by yourself. Many years ago when I was training for my First Dan Black Belt this is what I did! Even getting up at five in the morning to get to the gym by six and in work by 8.00. Looking back though, actually what got me through was training with a partner whether it was at the Martial arts club or having a buddy in the gym. We inspired each other.

A recent Stanford university study showed that with partnered training you are much more likely to still be training 18 months later; together and more intensively.

Duo strength Training is designed on this basis, working with a partner builds on this social mechanism we have in us to support each other in our highs times and low spurring each other on, and let’s face it, it’s more fun together!

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